Cancer Care Services/Oncology

Main Address

  • Whittington Hospital
    Oncology Offices
    1st Floor
    Jenner Building
  • 020 7288 5227/5459


  • Monday - Friday
    9 am - 5 pm
Looking after the care of patients with cancer or suspected cancer.
Multidisciplinary teams meet regularly to discuss patients’ care and treatment plans, which helps to ensure that we meet the Department of Health targets for cancer waiting times. At the Whittington, we have been successful in ensuring that patients who are given urgent cancer referrals by their GP are seen within two weeks and that treatment begins within 62 days of their referral. All patients who are found to have cancer are treated within 31 days of the decision to treat.
The oncology services listed below work alongside site specific tumour services as well as supporting services at the Royal Free and University College London hospitals. Please see the site specific Standard Operating Policies in the Cancer Tumour Types section for further information. The colorectal, upper GI and lung cancer services are supported by Dr Pauline Leonard, consultant medical oncologist, who has oncology clinics on Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon. Dr Leonard will also see cancer patients with unknown primaries in these clinics. The lung cancer cancer service is also supported by Dr Ruheena Mendes who runs a Tuesday morning clinic. The breast cancer services is supported by Dr Maria Dryzmala with a Monday morning clinic along with Dr Alison Jones and Dr Glen Blackman who have Monday morning clinics. The Urology cancer service is supported by Dr Maria Vilarino-Varela who has a Wednesday afternoon clinic.
The hospital’s multi-professional cancer care team diagnoses over 500 patients with cancer each year, of these approximately 400 receive their first treatment at the hospital. The Whittington is a designated unit for breast, lung and colorectal cancers and we also treat patients with haematological malignancies. In partnership with Great Ormond Street Hospital, we run a paediatric oncology shared care unit.

Range of services

  • Multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) for lung, urology, breast, gynaecology, dermatology, haematology, colorectal and upper gastro-intestinal meet regularly to discuss patients’ treatment and care
  • One-stop clinic for patients with suspected breast cancer
  • Multi-disciplinary lung cancer team that includes a specialist in radiotherapy treatments and a clinical nurse specialist in lung cancer care
  • Colorectal cancer service
  • Paediatric oncology shared care unit, in conjunction with Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Chemotherapy services
  • One-stop clinic for patients who are taking oral chemotherapy
  • Drop-in clinic for patients, carers and healthcare professionals wanting advice and support either face-to-face or via the telephone
  • Breast cancer support group


Please refer all suspected cancer patients on a North London Cancer Network Two Week Referral Form and fax it to 020 7288 5621. Some tumour sites will accept choose and book referrals for Two Week Waits.
Please fax all other referrals to 020 7288 3793, send letters to Appointments, Whittington Health, Magdala Avenue, London, N19 5NF, or book appointments via Choose and Book.

Useful resources

Further Information

Choose and book services:
Most site specific tumour services provide a choose and book option for Two Week Wait referrals.
The oncology service does not provide a choose and book option.
Patients attending the Emergency Department:
Patients attending the Emergency Department (ED) who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment will be treated as a matter of priority. Patients at risk of febrile neutropaenia will be seen within one hour of attending ED. Other cancer patients will usually be seen within one working day by the Acute Oncology Service.
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