Main Address

  • Whittington Health
    Main Theatres Level two
    DTC Level three.
  • 020 7288 5400


  • Main Theatres 24/7 . DTC Mon Fri 07.0020.00
The Whittington hospital has six operating theatres.

Theatre 1 - Orthopaedics
Theatre 2 - Trauma and emergency
Theatre 3 - Gynaecology
Theatre 4 - General surgery
Theatre 5 - Day surgery
Theatre 6 - Urology

We also have a treatment room for minor operations/flexible cystoscopies.

There are two recovery rooms, one for Inpatients which has 9 beds and one for Day surgery which has 5 beds.


020 7288 5400 / 020 7288 3813

Key staff

Dr Katie Batte

Dr Katie Batte[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Timothy Blackburn

Dr Timothy Blackburn[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Maurice Dunstan

Dr Maurice Dunstan[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Sarah Gillis

Dr Sarah Gillis[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Chris Hargreaves

Dr Chris Hargreaves[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia

Dr Nick Harper

Dr Nick Harper[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist and Clinical Director of Surgery

Dr Samina Ishaq

Dr Samina Ishaq[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Sola Makinde

Dr Sola Makinde[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Gnanie Panch

Dr Gnanie Panch[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Jolyon Powney

Dr Jolyon Powney[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Catherine Shaw

Dr Catherine Shaw[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Jane Silk

Dr Jane Silk[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

Dr Sarah Ward

Dr Sarah Ward[StaffQualifications]

Consultant Anaesthetist

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