Adolescent Outreach Team

Main Address

  • Adolescent Outreach Team
    First Floor
    The Northern Health Centre
    580 Holloway Road
    N7 6LB
  • 020 3316 1824


The Islington Adolescent Outreach Team (AOT) is a highly specialised multi-disciplinary team within Islington Community CAMHS.  All referrals must come through existing CAMHS referral pathways.
AOT work with young people, aged 13-18, who are experiencing a wide range of complex mental health problems; their difficulties are often acute, long-standing and are having a significant impact on their daily lives; they may be at risk of hospital admission and they are likely to struggle to engage with traditional clinic-based services.  The AOT work very flexibly and assertively to meet the needs of this high risk client group, using a variety of models and approaches; and working in a wide range of community settings, including young people’s homes, schools, youth services or local cafes, in order to engage, assess, support and treat these challenging young people and their families.

Client Groups

Severe mental health problems that have a major impact on functioning. Young people must be unable to access or engage with clinic based services and/or be at risk of a Tier 4 hospital admission.


The team is only able to accept referrals from the following sources at the current time:
  • CFCS Teams
  • In-patient units
  • Adult mental health services
  • A&E Liaison Teams
The team is able to provide consultation and advice to other services and agencies.

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Further Information

Key contacts

Fay Moore
AOT Team Manager

Liz Cooney
Deputy AOT Team Manager